DmPranks Productions

Pranks are definitely fun…. as long as your not the victim. DM Pranks is a channel on YouTube shared between two friends – Diego and Mateo, hence the initials – who center their insane scares in Brazil (don’t check me on this fact, I could be wrong). In this new prank involving killer clowns, Diego and Mateo take their jokes to whole new levels of terror and comedy.

Killer Clowns

I love DM Pranks not only because of it’s mind numbing fun – which definitely earns a few laughs every now and then – but also because it’s videos can be realitvely thought provoking. Sometimes, you feel bad for the poor victims of this prank, wondering what they must be feeling after something like this happens. Do they laugh? Do they yell in frustration? It forces you to think about the nature of pranks – how far is too far? – and it has to make us wonder, “What would I do in this kind of situation?”

It’s hard to say what I’d do if I was pranked like this. Would I run like many of the people in the video? Would I fight or call for help? Would I freeze up? And honestly, what would happen if I did anything but run? It’s nice yet somewhat terrifying to think of the possibilities.


One thought on “DmPranks Productions

  1. You do a great job of not only contextualizing the YouTube channel here, but you also personalize it well by infusing the introspective angle of watching such videos with the whole “What would I do in this situation?”

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