Laugh Factory



The Laugh Factory channel on YouTube is an extension of the new media and production arm of Laugh Factory, Inc – a comedy club with locations in Hollywood, Long Beach, Chicago, and Las Vegas. The man in the video, Chris James, is a British born actor/comedian and, despite having only a few videos on the Laugh Factory Channel, is one of their well-known stand-up comedians.

Truth be told, I have a hate-love relationship with Laugh Factory. More often than not, some people just aren’t funny. Then again, comedy is subjective: what makes you laugh doesn’t necessarily makes others laugh. That said, sometimes it’s hard sifting through tens of mediocre just to find one that is pure gold. But when I do find the video I’m looking for – and I’m not looking for much, basically just any video that can make me laugh out loud – I feel as though all the searching was worth it. After all, there’s nothing more powerful than the sound of laughter. It can do just about anything, whether it’s making you feel better after a crappy day or keeping a relatively good day rolling.


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