Honest Trailers by The Screen Junkies

If you’re not tired of my Game of Thrones BS 🙂

If you ARE tired of my Game of Thrones BS 🙂

On the Screen Junkies YouTube channel, “Honest Trailers” is a series of trailers that satirizes and parodies various movies and TV shows and is narrated by Jon Bailey. Often, the videos not-so subtly take to pointing out various plot mistakes and pop cultural references.

Reminiscent of Cinema Sins, I enjoy Honest Trailers because of it’s ability to delve beyond the layer of high self-esteem most favorably rated movies and TV shows have and poke fun at their insecurities. For example, as pointed out in the first video, Game of Thrones has an obsession with trivial nudity and sexual content (jest fo lolz, he he) and harbors a large cast of characters that the average fan can’t possibly remember. Frozen, while the highest grossing animated movie to date, has been criticized for a lack of plot and a few mediocre, unmemorable songs which Honest Trailers mentions in another of their videos.

In the case of making fun of phenomenal movies and crappy movies alike, Honest Trailers and Cinema Sins are certainly in the top for my list of “Favorite YouTube Channels.”


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