Medieval Land Fun-Time World

“I put word into other people’s mouths.”

An understatement by the anonymous individual who runs the infamous Bad Lip Reading channel on YouTube. Bad Lip Reading, abbreviated as BLR, is a show that aims to spoof clips from films, TV shows, songs, and political news stories by overdubbing humorous vocals that match the lip movements of the targets.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the producer of BLR, a Texas-based music and video producer who has kept his identity a secret, said in an interview that he learned the art of lip reading from his mother who lost her hearing in her 40’s. But while she excelled at lip reading, he was “terrible at it.”

I love the “trailer” for Medieval Land Fun-Time World because I’m a huge Thronie. You know this. But also because the creator is able to take a new creative spin on GOT spoofs: by making a movie trailer. The premise of the trailer itself actually has a different premise, a man attempting to run a medieval theme park despite the lack of motivation from his incompetent employees, that lends itself to humor. The lip reading is also pretty stellar, making the movie trailer all the more real (despite the fact the movie trailer is an obnoxious 5 minutes long, however, let it be noted that they don’t call this the extended movie trailer for nothing).


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