Game of Thrones Birthday Rap

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE Game of Thrones fan. Like seriously, if you know me yet haven’t noticed this by now then we’re not friends. I promise you. Even the people that hate me know this. Like seriously, where the hell have you been?

Now, as a huge Thronie, for me not to talk about this video would be a crime. I’m now officially obsessed with it.


Stage 5, while not my usual cup of tea, is an entertainment channel on Youtube dedicated to “emerging trends in gaming and geek culture.” Game of Thrones, while sometimes considered a pop culture phenomenon, definitely fits into the geek culture scene.

This is currently my favorite video of all time because of (1) the way the creators portray Game of Thrones content and (2) it’s creativity.

Game of Thrones is definitely a complicated, time consuming fandom to get into, making it a major turn-off. It also has alot of sex and violence,  yet another turn off. That’s not to say people don’t know about it all. I’m pretty sure most of us internet addicts have seen the memes:


That being said, many GOT videos are made for viewers/readers only. I’ve come across many GOT inspired videos but I haven’t been able to share them with my friends simply because they wouldn’t understand the little jokes about Valar Morguhlis, or the Iron Islands, or OBERYN MARTELL <3. But this video I can enjoy with my friends without wondering if they’ll laugh or not.
The video, to make it simple for non-Thronies, features only prominent characters, like Cersei Lannister, Joffrey Baratheon, Daenerys (“Khaleesi”), Jon Snow, the rest of the Starks, and many more. At the same time the video doesn’t attempt to cater too much to non-viewers; there are little tidbits in the rap and innuendos that only Thronies can understand. Nevertheless, everyone leaves happy.  But while this allows me to like the video, this isn’t called Game of Thrones Birthday Rap for nothing.

I love this video mostly because of its setting. A father – who is a hardcore Thronie – throws a GOT-themed birthday party for his son. This video definitely plays on the “Game of Thrones is not appropriate for younger audiences” idea.
The hired entertainment, people who really  play up the characters they are assigned and decide to throw an epic rap battle, quickly make a mess of things.
The video ends with the mother saying to her husband, “You know this means divorce right?” I can honestly say I don’t think anyone has thought of a GOT-themed birthday party for children. But I really think what allowed me to enjoy this more was the fact I kept picturing Agnus’s birthday party from Despicable Me 2. [Is Gru a Thronie? He should be…] 


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