Hosea Jan Frank, known to the world as Ze Frank, was born to German-American parents in 1976. In 1995, he graduated from Brown University with a a degree in neuroscience. Ze Frank’s online career, however, began as a simple accident. In 2001, he created an online birthday invitation and sent it to seventeen of his closest friends. Soon enough, after a period of intense forwarding, the invitation received millions of hits and brought Ze Frank’s personal website into the limelight. His site grew to encompass video games, interactive group projects, short films, animations, and more. In 2006, Ze Frank launched a daily video program known as “the show” which combined commentary on media and current events with viewer contributions and activities. “The show” would come to influence future YouTubers like Vlogbrothers John and Hank Green. November 2013, Ze Frank made the entire library of “the show” available on YouTube.

It’s hard to say why I love Ze Frank. Honestly, I like his videos. But I love True Facts.

Since I was a little girl I’ve loved learning about animals. I saw them, not as people, but as creatures that were simpler yet far more interesting. So for years I’ve accumulated knowledge on animals (all of them, really). I can tell you how fast a cheetah can run or the outcome of a fight between a hippo and a crocodile. But in recent years I haven’t been watching as much Animal Planet. I haven’t been studying the mating patterns of the squirrels in the backyard. I haven’t been paying attention to my bird or my hamster. I haven’t been thinking about the 20 different possible ways I can set up three new fish tanks without my mom finding out. And sometimes it makes me a little sad knowing I’m so busy now that I can’t enjoy the one thing I’ve always loved doing.

At least with Ze Frank I can still do the one thing I love (learning about animals) while laughing, rather hysterically, at the same time and therefore saving time.

NOTE: While this should be obvious, it must be said. Not all the facts in True Facts are actually true.


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