Cinema Sins

CinemaSins is a comedy Youtube channel dedicated to pointing out the flaws in various movies, anything from Twilight to The Dark Knight Rises. The flaws found in their cinema victims are dubbed “sins.” The videos have a “sin count” and “sin timer” throughout, and at the end, the video declares a punishment for the movie (commonly “Hell” but sometimes a ounidhmrnt eikk be tailored to fit a specific movie). Occasionally, there will be a “bonus round”, where additional sins are added to the count for repetitive occurrences in the movie.

I love CinemaSins because as the channel points out, “No movie is without sin.” Movies are human creations and thus, they are prone to error.  Nothing is perfect, not even your guilty-pleasure-chick-flick. Movies are can also be interpreted in different ways. Your favorite movie might be on someone’s “worst of the century” list. While some people go into feverent denial (“It’s the best movie in the history of movies, damn you!”), I like to know why. I want to hear your opinion.  I want to know the flaws you see in the movie and I want to argue them with you.  Heated discussions are like my thing.


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