LuanLegacy is a short, flamboyant, opinionated Asian kid from Houston, Texas whose motto is: “I’m angry, you’re angry, let’s be angry together.” While he creates some videos documenting his life and accomplishments, most of the videos on Luan’s channel are rant videos in which Luan complains about everything from fine dining to the little rat that scammed him out of $200.

I adore Luan  because…. well, quite frankly, he was one of the first Youtubers I started following diligently. Especially in 8th grade, an extremely confusing time in my life, I was mad at everything. Mad at myself, my teachers, my parents, my fish! Sometimes, even for no reason! Looking back on it now, it’s amazing how anyone can have so much anger built up inside of them and still manage to function properly. Of course, back then, I had Luan. Every time I got into one of my little moods, I’d sit down on the computer and pull up his channel. It was amazing how this kid – a person I’ve never met before in my entire life – could make me feel so much better. In his videos Luan vents out all his problems. In a way, not only did it help me forget about my problems for a while as I focused one someone else’s daily struggles, it also taught me how to rant.

For people who don’t know me, I am naturally quiet. Since I was a toddler, I’ve always bottled up my emotions; the tantrums of my younger days numbered less than a handful. It was, however, a double-edged sword. While people frequently remarked how good of a girl I was, I began to think big emotional outbursts were bad. And who knows, maybe they are. But I know from experience that holding back my emotions inside was just as bad. Because not only did it allow my internal wounds to fester, sometimes turning  me into a ticking time bomb, it also kept me from being open with others.

So I guess it’s fair to say that without Luan, I wouldn’t be the bubbly little song bird (don’t laugh -.-) I am now. I wouldn’t be as close with my mom and I wouldn’t have the same relationship with my friends. And I know for sure I wouldn’t be the wonderful arguer I am now. If there’s anything I’ve discovered about myself since my middle school years, it’s that I love to argue.

*insert cheeky smile*


One thought on “LuanLegacy

  1. You kind of go off-track with that last sentence, but I love how you took such an introspective look at yourself with what inspired you to be who you are.

    And while I didn’t particularly enjoy LuanLegacy, I know I have a series of videos I can recommend to other slow-burners like myself who keep things locked away and bottled up.

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