[I wouldn’t watch the Red Wedding video if you haven’t finished Game of Thrones Season 3…]

Ever walked out of an awful movie wishing someone had been kind enough to warn you about its crappiness?

Ever walked out of an amazing movie with the urge to talk about it with someone?

Yeah, me too.

That is, until I discovered Jeremy Jahns.

A while ago, my friend was kind enough to introduce me to said movie reviewer. As a person lacking in funds, I have to be extremely cautious when I decide to buy an overpriced movie ticket. I’m not going to spend $13 on just any movie.

Jeremy is also a person I can get an opinion from. Its awkward being the only person out of your inner circle of friends that’s watched the latest Marvel movie. I, for one, always have some kind of gripe about a movie (even if I did think it was Awesometacular!) and I want to discuss it! I want to know if someone shares my opinions! And even though conversations with Jeremy Jahns are obviously one-sided, its nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks a certain way. And even if I am, at least Jeremy explains why he looks at different events in other light (most of the time), allowing me to be, well, open-minded.


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