Convos With My 2-Year Old

Convos With My 2-Year Old is an ongoing web series on Youtube created by Matthew Clarke featuring actual conversations he has with his two (now three) year old daughter Coco. However, instead of Coco playing herself, she is played by Matthew’s friend – a grown man! – David Milchard.

Matthew came up with idea for Convos With My 2-Year Old when he thought about the things his daughter would say – which was perfectly acceptable with her being an adorable but selfish and narcisstic toddler – and wondered what would happen if they came out of the mouth of a not-so-innocent adult.

I love watching Convos With My 2-Year Old because not only is it funny in that should-really-be-laughing-right-now-this-is-so-awkward way but it’s also one of the only family-friendly Youtube channels I follow. Therefore, if I happen to be watching this with my family, everyone can watch without me feeling all self-concious. And, let’s face it: Coco is the cutest thing since baby hedgehogs.


One thought on “Convos With My 2-Year Old

  1. I literally laughed out loud watching this, and then subsequently sent it to all of my friends with kids who also disturbed the peace around them with loud guffaws. You’ve shown quite a bit of range in your content going from educational videos to comedy. Keep expanding, Norm!

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