[NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WATCH THIS WHOLE VIDEO…. unless you really want to.]

I will not scream,  I will not cry, I will not rip out my hair because my history test is tomorrow. I’m not going to study till dawn, take a thousand coffee breaks, or lug my textbook around to all four of my classes.

“Why?” you might ask. “Everyone else is doing it.”

“Yeah,” I might reply. “But not everyone knows about CrashCourse.”

People, of course, should know about John Green. Renowned “Nerdfighter” and New York Times Bestselling Author of The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, etc., some people don’t know that John and his brother Hank (who teaches CrashCourse Biology, Ecology, and Chemistry) – aka, the Vlogbrothers – were given money as a part of YouTube’s $100 million original channel initiative, which they then used to start up CrashCourse: an educational YouTube channel aimed at teaching history, science (except Physics because no one likes Physics), and a smidget of Literature.

I was first introduce to CrashCourse when I had AP World History with Mr. Mough (now the assistant principal of my subschool). Not only did it help to summarize the lesson we had learned that day, but it also taught me how to use CrashCourse to ASSIST* me (which I am the worst at).

*CrashCourse, while helpful, should not be your go-to before a test nor should it be your ONLY means of studying. I typically integrate it with the classic “looking over the notes” technique (I don’t exactly take notes for AP US as of now but that’s why I have :D)

Nevertheless, CrashCourse DOES help. If you’re looking for a break from the textbook but aren’t looking for something as mind-numbing as Epic Rap Battles of History, look to John Green. For anyone who has taken AP World – knowing it covers some 10,000 years of history – memorization is challenging. Before my AP Exam I went on a CrashCourse binge. Come July, I screamed when I saw the “5” that was to be my score. And you know what I have to say to that?

Thanks John Green!

(and Hank)

UPDATE: I got a 71% on my test. Not too shabby considering I didn’t even read the last chapter.



David So is a Korean-American stand-up comedian from California. On Youtube he became “famous” after responding to the racist UCLA student rant video “Asians in the Library” back in 2011. And while David is primarily known for this hilarious rants and skits, he also has another channel – DavidSoMusic – dedicated to singing.

I was first introduced to David So by my friend Amana back in the early months of our sophomore year when we actually had the time to spend hours shuffling through YouTube. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of this hefty, sassy Asian man with the dorky glasses, double chins, and creepy facial expressions. But soon enough, he became one of my favorite YouTubers.

I enjoy watching David So’s videos for two reasons. It’s nice to come home after a stressful day at school and just sit down on the couch and unwind as you laugh your ass off while watching one of David’s skits. But, most importantly, David’s rants (which I happen to enjoy the most) always have some sort of message whether it’s combating ignorance or learning to love yourself. At the end of the day, David just makes you feel good – he entertains you – and that’s what a good YouTuber is supposed to do.


This a blog dedicated to my Favorite Youtubers, why I like them, and why you should watch them too.


[For Mr. Nelson’s Creative Writing 2]


~ Norm

Epic Rap Battles of History

I was first introduced to Epic Rap Battles of History in AP World through one of my class mates. After learning about World War II and the Cold War, we were given a couple minutes at the end of class to do whatever we want. Somehow we ended up on my friend’s iPad after one of our fellow classmates had suggested that we watching his funny video related to our lesson. This video, followed by Darth Vader vs. Hitler, was the first video I saw that was created by EpicLloyd and NicePeter. By the time history class over, we were laughing so hard we had to crawl out the door.

So why subscribe to ERB?

The idea behind Epic Rap Battles of History is creative and unique. Not only is it hilarious to watch as pop icons, political figures, and historical/mythological characters come to life and trash talk one another, the words the opponents spit at each other are really clever and memorable and have helped me immensely. I can assure you that my  test on World War 2 and the Cold War was the highest test scored I received in AP World all year. I think this is because we’re so used to reading about these people in books or articles that all there accomplishments and failures get smushed together. But with ERB, these characters are brought to life with wit and cuss words and it seems like they just become ingrained in your memory.

And while I don’t recommend that Epic Rap Battles be a major got-to study video (you’d have between luck with John Green’s history videos), it’s nice if your looking to take a break from the thick text books and place people like Hitler, Stalin, Lincoln, etc in a context us young people can actually understand: through the power of RAP!