DmPranks Productions

Pranks are definitely fun…. as long as your not the victim. DM Pranks is a channel on YouTube shared between two friends – Diego and Mateo, hence the initials – who center their insane scares in Brazil (don’t check me on this fact, I could be wrong). In this new prank involving killer clowns, Diego … Continue reading

Laugh Factory

    The Laugh Factory channel on YouTube is an extension of the new media and production arm of Laugh Factory, Inc – a comedy club with locations in Hollywood, Long Beach, Chicago, and Las Vegas. The man in the video, Chris James, is a British born actor/comedian and, despite having only a few videos on … Continue reading

Honest Trailers by The Screen Junkies

If you’re not tired of my Game of Thrones BS 🙂 If you ARE tired of my Game of Thrones BS 🙂 On the Screen Junkies YouTube channel, “Honest Trailers” is a series of trailers that satirizes and parodies various movies and TV shows and is narrated by Jon Bailey. Often, the videos not-so subtly take … Continue reading

Medieval Land Fun-Time World

“I put word into other people’s mouths.” An understatement by the anonymous individual who runs the infamous Bad Lip Reading channel on YouTube. Bad Lip Reading, abbreviated as BLR, is a show that aims to spoof clips from films, TV shows, songs, and political news stories by overdubbing humorous vocals that match the lip movements of … Continue reading

Esma Movies and “Mau”

I don’t really know much about Esma Movies. What I do know is the videos are created by students from France’s ESMA School for animation, graphic design, and photography. Mau is their most popular 3D animation with more than 1.4 million views. Mau takes place in Ancient Egypt and follows two street cats: Kiphy and Myeou. In … Continue reading

Game of Thrones Birthday Rap

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE Game of Thrones fan. Like seriously, if you know me yet haven’t noticed this by now then we’re not friends. I promise you. Even the people that hate me know this. Like seriously, where the hell have you been? Now, as a huge Thronie, for me not to talk about … Continue reading